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High Speed Steel 8% Cobalt (M42) End Mill

  • 2FL Slot Drill, 4FL End Mill, 6FL in Larger Size
  • 2FL & 4FL Long Series
  • 2FL Ballnose
  • 4FL Roughing

High Speed Steel Reamer

  • Hand Reamer
  • Chucking Reamer (Machine)
  • High Speed Steel Centre Drill
  • High Speed Steel 5% Cobalt (M35) with Titanium Nitride Coating

High Speed Steel Tool Bit

  • in M35 & T42 grade
  • Square & Round
  • M35 & T42 Parting Off Blade

High Speed Steel Drill Bit

  • Straight Shank Jobber Drill
  • Reduce Shank
  • Taper Shank
  • Long Series & Extra Long Series
  • Drill Bit Set
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