Keyless Drill Chuck


  • Wipe off the antirust oil applied on both the Keyless Chuck female taper and Drill Chuck Arbour male taper with MTO or Kerosene before assembling them together. Do not hammer or use press machine to lock the Drill Chuck Arbour & Keyless Chuck.  This would distort the chuck beyond repair.
  • For right hand rotation application only.


Part No. Model Size mm L mm L1 mm D mm Runout (at 25mm)
KLDC 0-6.5 HD Heavy Duty 0-6.5 69 62 34.0 0.050mm
KLDC 0.5-8 HD Heavy Duty 0.5-8 78 68 37.5 0.050mm
KLDC 1-13 HD Heavy Duty 1-13 103 91 50.0 0.050mm