WERKA – Double Function Ratchet 9220-9644 9220-9651 9220-9668

1. Standard function
For use in non limited spaces, levering of ratchet turns square.
2. Rotation function
Opening function for handle (turning back the handle) changes ratchet to rotation function.
Turning the handle moves the square; no levering needed.
1) In rotation function the minimal needed turning angle is close to 0 degrees.
2) Because of easy opening and fixing function for the handle.
Changing from normal function to rotating function is always possible, without losing the nut or screw.
3) Already opened screws can be turned off easily with the rotation function.
4) The new developed 2 components handle offers sensitive and ergonomic working style.
5) The changing between right / left turning usage will be done by square-section straight-through shank.
6) Overtops DIN and ANSI requirements in standard operation

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