TOTEM – Carbon Steel Hand Taps

Carbon taps application:

Automobile Industry
• Cylinder liner and cylinder head manufacturers
General purpose applications in small workshops, garages, tool rooms and maintenance departments
Motor cycle body frames: spatter cleaning and removing paint from threaded portion.
Carburetor and speedometer manufacturers
• High speed steel dies are used in removing paint from threaded portion in rear axles of cars, trucks, buses, etc.
• Dies are used by gas valve manufacturers.

Engineering Industry
• Air compressors / blower manufacturers
• Cooling towers and heat exchangers
• Brass component manufacturers
• Pipe and pipe fitting manufacturers.
Sheet metal industry
Thread dressing of diesel engine components
Steel furniture manufacturers
Steel window manufacturers
Bus and truck body building workshops
Textile industry
Electrical industry

Household appliance manufacturers
Pressure cookers
• Fans, air coolers, air conditioners
• Flour mills, mixers and grinders