Balanced Tool Holders


  • Turnmax offers Balanced Tool Holders in BT-40 and SK-40 with AT-3 Class Taper with Balancing Grade G6.3 @ 12000 rpm, 15000 rpm & 18000 rpm.

AVAILABLE AS DYNAMICALLY BALANCED on Haimer Germany (Electronic Balancing Machine)
Before you buy a Balanced Tool Holder verify and find out if the Holder is balanced on a ‘good quality’ Balancing Machine. Unless the balancing is done on a very sensitive and high-precision balancing machine the balancing would not be accurate.

At Turnmax we do it on a customized
Haimer – Germany High Precision Balancing Machine.

  • Haimer – Germany is the World’s No. 1 Company in Dynamic Balancing Machines. It costs about 3 to 5 times more than some other less accurate balancing machines.
  • Haimer – Germany is the only Machine that can measure unbalance up to 0.5g mm
  • It is very important that balancing is done on a world-class quality machine

Advantages of Balanced Tool Holders

  • Stability at High RPM
  • Protection of spindle bearing
  • No Vibration & humming at High RPM
  • Better Surface Finish
  • Improved Tool Life
  • Improved Cutting Capacity
  • Balancing Report available against request

Taper Angle Accuracy
All our Tool Holders are with Taper Angle Accuracy – AT-3 Class. The error of Taper Angle in BT-40 as per AT-3 Class is less than 3 microns.

The Taper Angle is checked on German-made Air Gauges which are world renowned for best measurement accuracy and repeatability and much superior to local makes. The Measurement accuracy and repeatability is 0.25 Micron.