Jumbo Heavy Duty Compact Model

(Heaviest Design)


  • Heavier Design compared to Standard Model.
  • Regular Precision models have 0.015 mm max. runout. Super precision models supplied against specific request have runout 0.008mm. These runout figures are uncer NO LOAD conditions and not under ACTUAL LOAD conditions. roate the point in any one direction for 3 to 5 revolution and then take dial indicator reading for runout measurement while rotating the point in the SAME direction.


Part No. Model Shank Taper Ød mm ØD mm ØD1 mm L1 mm L2 mm L mm Max. Job Wt. Kg. Conc. Error mm
RC MT5 JHDC Jumbo Heavy Duty Compact MT-5 55.0 125.0 44.399 63.0 92.5 129.5 2500 0.015
RC MT6 JHDC Jumbo Heavy Duty Compact * MT-6 74.0 180.0 63.348 82.0 112.0 182.0 5000 0.015
RC MT7 JHDC Jumbo Heavy Duty Compact * MT-7 74.0 180.0 83.058 82.0 114.0 254.0 6500 0.015
* Draw off Nut supplied as standard

Spare Point of Jumbo Heavy Duty Compact Model