Round, Hex & M Type Nuts


  • Always first insert the collet fully into the nut so that the nut clips into the collet groove.
  • Screw the nut onto the Collet Chuck. Insert the tool and only then fully lock the nut.
  • Locking the nut without a proper size tool may result in collet breakage.
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Part No. TYPE ØDmm L mm M
NUT ER11M Mini 16 12.0 M13X0.75
NUT ER16M Mini 22 18.0 M19X1
NUT ER20M Mini 28 19.5 M24X1
NUT ER25M Mini 35 20.0 M30X1
NUT ER16H Hexagonal 28 17.5 M22X1.5
NUT ER20H Hexagonal 34 19.0 M25X1.5
NUT ER25R Round& Slotted 42 20.0 M32X1.5
NUT ER32R Round& Slotted 50 22.5 M40X1.5
NUT ER40R Round& Slotted 63 25.5 M50X1.5