TOTEM – CarbIde Burrs

Recommendations for use:

TOTEM Tungsten Carbide Burrs are designed for machining materials of virtually any strength; the superior performance reflects an optimum combination of key parameters such as shape, number of flutes, spiral angle, rake angle and concentricity. The precise concentricity of TOTEM tungsten carbide burrs

• Ensures an improved protection of operator safety and health
• Reduces power tool wear
• Provides smooth operating behaviour
• Prevents chatter marks

An optimum power output and RPM of the power source (air-powered or electric machine, flexible shaft system) are necessary conditions for an economically efficient use of tungsten carbide burrs. We therefore recommend you to observe the following rules:

• Work with maximum RPM. Do not use speeds below 3000 RPM except in special cases (eg: on stationery machines or when countersinking with fully immersed burr).

• Chucks and collets must be absolutely concentric to avoid chipping. Tool runout and chatter will result in premature wear.

• Work with significantly reduced RPM on poorly heat conducting materials (eg: stainless steel, titanium alloys, etc.) to prevent tool damage. Avoid the typical blue Discoloration of the shank and the tool.

• In light cutting applications (deburring, chamfering, light surface work) the tool speed may be increased uo to twice indicated rate.

• When machining very sticky materials, the use of a suitable lubricant (grease, kerosene, chalk or similar) is recommended to prevent loading.