TOTEM – Solid Carbide Drills

Technical Details
Solid carbide drill nomenclature

Chisel Edge – The non-cutting tip of the drill. Pushes, rather than cuts material. Having a smaller chisel means that a tool will cut more aggressively. A larger chisel means that a tool will be stronger.

Web – The core of the drill that is left from the fluting operation. A thicker web means added rigidity, while a smaller web means more chip evacuation. On two flute drills, typically varies from 16% – 30% of the tool diameter.

Helix Angle – Varies from 0° to 35° helix on standard tools. Lower helix angle means more rigidity and strength and a higher helix angle means more aggressive drilling and better chip evacuation.

Margin Width – Provides a surface to support the drill inside the hole during the drilling operation. Totem® offers both single margin and double margin geometries. Margin widths are a balancing act between friction build-up vs. tool support in the drilling operation.

Cutting Lip – The cutting edges of a two flute drill extending from the chisel edge to the periphery.

Land Width – The amount of material left on the drill per side, from the fluting operation. Larger land widths mean more rigidity, while smaller land widths allow for better chip evacuation.