TOTEM – End-Mill – Solid Carbide End Mills

Technical Details
Surface treatment

Steam Oxide:
A black oxided surface (Fe3O4) produced on the surface of a finished tap by means of a steam furnace. This oxidized surface is porous and helps retain cutting fluid in the working portion of the tap. The materials on which steam oxide has shown improvement in performance are stainless steels, steel forgings, tool and die steels, hot and cold rolled steels, and high nickel alloys.

Titanium Nitride (TiN):
A thin deposit (approx. 0.0001”) applied to the surface of a finished tap utilizing PVD coating technology. TiN coating increases the surface hardness and wear resistance. Use of TiN coating on standard tools will help increase tool life in harder materials (up to 32 HRc), such as stainless steels, steel forgings, tool and die steels and hot and cold rolled steels. TiN coating also works very well with water-base cutting fluids.

Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN):
Similar to TiN, TiCN is applied utilizing PVD coating technology. This coating combines high hardness
(approx. 2800 vickers) with the anti-seizure properties of Nitride. A lower coefficient of friction helps
reduce welding by 75% over TiN coated tools. These features make TiCN especially beneficial in nonferrous
material and hardened steels.

Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN):
TiAlN is applied using PVD coating technology. The addition of aluminum reduces friction and increases the coating oxidation temperature. As a result, TiAlN has increased resistance to heat and oxidation wear. This makes TiAlN better suited for High Speed/High Heat applications. TiAlN coating is incorporated into many of our tools.

Proton + Coating:
Proton + coating devised explicitly for solid carbide tools used in roughing and finishing of hardened
steels and difficult-to-machine materials.
Major competitive advantages in tool and die-making can be attained by cutting steels with hardness >60 HRc.

Cr based coating
Cr based coating, has made it possible to systematically optimize and decisively improve the key coating
properties for milling applications.
Greater abrasion resistance, extra shear strength, lower adhesion tendency, maximum toughness and a very smooth surface achieve a quantum leap in drilling performance.